Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Vintage scroll Roadside Rescue Dresser

Drum Roll Please!!!!! Here she is!! Remember her...This BEAUTIFUL thing once looked.........

LIKE THIS!!! Remember that call I got about all the stuff going into the dumpster and I was on my way to Church and had only one trip to get as much as I could. This along with free door and my table with porcelain casters...This my friends was going to be trashed!!! OH THE HORROR!!  Well not on my watch!!

So I got her home and sanded her down and primed and painted her with my favorite concoction of white paint with a dark chocolate paint that I have.

Then I had to lug her in the house all by my lonesome!!! She is a beast too....but I so wanted to work on her and it was FREAKIN FREEZIN outside.  Then she sat...and sat...and I looked and looked and I could not decide what the heck I was gonna do to her. I looked at her for 3 hours!! I just didn't know what to do. So I started going through my files...(no not pinterest...an actual old accordion file folder that I keep clippings and graphics in) :)

I came across this old vintage scroll pattern I had gotten long long before I started my blog...(in other words, I have no idea where I got it..so I don't have a clue to give a credit to for the free graphic) Got out my super crappy projector..(it really is super crappy...I got it at Goodwill and it barely focuses...) drew it on with pencil and painted all of it in with black acrylic paint. See all my mess on the floor...I had to lay on my stomach to paint the lower parts..:)
I made the scroll work larger on the right and smaller on the left..didn't want to be all even Steven.

I then distress the heck out of her and and waxed her! I love how the scroll work gave her a more flow and a more feminine look. I really am in love with how she looks. Every time I look at her I can not believe she was going to go in a dumpster... I really need to start a half way house for lost or abandoned furniture. :) .............Have a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!!!

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