Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Grandmother Clock reveal (wild and crazy granny clock)

Here she is!!! My BEAUTIFUL new to me Grandmother clock!!!

Just wondering how many of you remember her from when she was in the back of my truck with the rest of my estate sale haul!
I paid $25 for her and she was worth every penny.

Once I decided to start on her, I popped out the little pieces of moulding that held the glass in place. (the less taping I had to do the better and this work was much better than stupid taping...LOL)

Once the glass was out I covered her face with some paper. Now on the top here you can see that I had tested a gray on her. Since she was a GRANDMOTHER clock, I thought that would be to obvious!! I wanted her to be a crazy and wild granny clock!! So I picked a Bahama Sea color.

While the paint was drying I thought of another cool thing I could do.

I decided to class her up by doing the faux mercury glass around the edges. I sprayed the glass and the pendulum too.

Once she was dry, I found a really cool pattern in a magazine. It was only four of these shapes so I made a photo copy and kept copying and taping together until I got a grouping that would fit inside the clock. I used my transfer paper to transfer onto the back of the clock.

Here is where my new LOVE came in. Once I had painted the tear drops I outlined them in my blue Krink Paint Pen.
Then I distressed them, put the glass back in and was in love!!!

Here she is in all her glory. I would have better pictures but the sun has not shown here now for 3 days. So these will have to do. If I get some natural light tomorrow maybe I will add a few more. I hope you enjoyed this fun tutorial and my crazy and wild granny clock.

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