Monday, August 20, 2012

Clock face Freezer paper transfer dumpster dive plant stand

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This was a fun quick little project...Since my other projects have been taking up some major time.

This was a table that I pulled out of my neighbors trash. If you can believe it, my DEAR hubby actually spotted it and told me to grab it out of the trash. I almost fainted that he wanted more crap.....errrrr I mean awesome stuff  in the garage. When we got it out we noticed one of the legs had come unglued so we just grabbed some extra strength glue and it was stronger than ever.

I knew I had a BAZZILLION projects waiting for me so I wanted to do something fun and quick, so I slapped on some antique white paint on the top,

and some CeCe Caldwells slate on the bottom. I then dry brushed the top and when it was all dry I waxed and buffed the leg.

then the really fun part...My freezer paper transfer. You can see the original post here that shows how to do this. I went to Graphics Fairy and downloaded her Clock face graphic. Printed it off on my freezer paper and burnished it onto my table

Here it is in all its glory. It turned out just the way I wanted.
I hope you enjoyed this fun little project.
Have a BEAUTIFUL day.
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