Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Booth Reveal at Changing Thymes

What a whirlwind week it has been. All because of a phone call last week telling
me I was getting a Main Floor space at CHANGING THYMES.
Well luckily I had lots of CRAP...errrr I mean STUFF in my garage ready to go..

So being myself I did things BACKWARDS...I filled my space..not wanting to loose
any time on making my rent..and Then HUBBY and I built my walls...That was fun...NOT..
No the walls did not look like this when I put them up. Of course again;..backwards!!!..I had gotten bits and pieces to build my walls so they were all different colors and textures.

So Once they were up and built I went back and gave them a couple coats of a rich yellow color.
It really helps on those gray days here in Michigan when we have no sun; to make the space feel bright. Since doing all the above wasn't enough, I whipped out my Royal Designs Stencil and
Used them on the walls to try and bring my Peg board and chip board together.

I really love how it gives the wall and my booth its own distinct feel.
who says peg board can't be BEAUTIFUL...:)

I have to laugh too..because the two chairs and the blue French Provincial table sold before I could even get back to put my walls up...(not that I am complaining). So I have in 1 week rearranged my booth 3 times already...:)
I think I may need a nap..
I really hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day.!!
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