Monday, January 27, 2014

Shabby Chic French Master Bedroom Makeover under $175

I can't believe its been almost a year since I redid my bedroom.
Since we have had TONS of snow..and SNOW days, I have had no time to work.
So for your viewing pleasure I thought I would hit REPLAY on this makeover from last year.
I still love this room and it still makes me feel like a princess when I am in there..(at least when its clean..LOL)
Good Morning my Beauties!
This was another Doozie of a post....
I wonder how many times I say that...They all seem to be doozies..:)
I hadn't PLANNED on redoing our master bedroom, know how things go..
I had painted our bedroom about 2 years ago...bought a new comforter..but put all the other stuff right back in...ever since then I haven't been feeling it..
We have had our 4 poster Queen Anne Rice bed since we got married..
I loved it as it was a pedestal bed (very high off the ground)
but I had been craving a lighter, shabbier...Frenchier bedroom..

So as many stories start..".it started early one morning"...I saw this BEAUTY ON craigslist for
$50.....Thats it...She had to be mine...I could already see it in my mind how shabby and
beautiful she would be.
Of course when I finally went to pick up the bed the guy had some "someone offered me $65 for it so if you still want it, its gonna be $65 instead of $50)
Now normally if I had been planning on reselling it I would have told him to
"kiss my grits" but since it was for me..I knew I would NEVER find a deal like this for MY bed.
My daughter and I crammed it into the back of my suburban with one of the legs sticking out of the back window like a giant fish hook...I had to make sure I didn't catch any other cars on my way home..

 I set it up right away in the garage and as soon as my daughter and I got it out of the car
It started to downpour...(whew..close one) and since it was unseasonably warm...I started to paint!!
(well and the fact that I am INCREDIBLY impatient)...:)

Speaking of Impatient....this was at 8:30 am the next older girls had late start that morning and
they helped me dismantle my HUGE poster bed and get it into the hallway..
and help me put this together before they left for school.
(since I used the Ce Ce Caldwells Vintage white on it, it was dry when Hubby got home from
Lab at the University..he helped me carry the headboard up  that first night cause I knew there
was NO WAY I was gonna be able to wait for him to get home from work the next day to get started on my room.
Once I got it set up..I put my wax on and waited for it to cure while I went tearing apart the rest of the room.

Now just for those of you that like the "keeping it real" thing..
This is real life..this is what my antique dresser looked like..My dumping ground for all my jewelry
and what ever else makes its way there...(just in case you think I am nuts and keep my house clean 24-7)  Ask my hubby he will let you know...that's not true..LOL.

Here is my bed in all her glory...I got the vintage damask dust ruffle at goodwill for $2..ack..
and the handmade afghan for the same price...2 of the cream shams..$2...I mean Seriously!
The quilt and the shams I got at my booth from another vendor for $60
All the furniture..the end tables....Free from a dumpster dive..(I went and shopped my own booth)
That was a riot watching the girls that work there laugh at me as I tore apart my 2 booths to get my nightstands..

The armoire.....FREE...yup you heard me...F....R...E....E...
one of my favorite 4 letter "F" words.. :)
I will do that post next week...It used to be an entertainment center
and I turned it into my own little FRENCH wardrobe!!

 My dumpster dive Nightstand...:)

My Chaise..that I have had...for over a year now..(which I got at Goodwill for $24 bucks)
I had to steam clean the heck out of it..but it was worth it..

and Hubbys dumpster dive night stand..

and my nice clean dresser...(for now) who am I will end up looking the same..LOL..
but for now I am enjoying it...:)
Total cost..(not including the chaise, cause I already had that)
$171 .....Can you believe it..I am still in awe..
I never thought I would be able to have a new bed and furniture for that..
(although I did pay a ton in sweat equity)
Its worth it...I crawled into my bed that first night and
slept like a shabby chic French princess...LOL
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!
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