Thursday, January 16, 2014

To BEAUTY from Beast. Custom Sea Glass Dresser makeover

Good Morning my BEAUTIES!!
I hope you have been getting along well
without me....:)
Since I have been so absent I thought I would start off this weeks DIY 
with a BIG custom color that I named SEA GLASS
Dresser Makeover. 
 THIS is what it looked like was a BEAST!!!

The lady I bought it from had bought it for her HUSBAND to redo. 
He was a wood worker and professional painter..
He took one look at it and said.."get rid of it".....
He wanted nothing to do with it. 

Her  loss was my gain.

You can see from the top that the veneer was was popped up
all around the edges and bubbled and broken so I started pulling off the veneer. 

I even had to pull out the heat gun and chisel...soooo all those parts that were loose...yeah..
they were easy to get off...but the part that wasn't loose..was stuck like cement..

So Momma had to go buy a new toy....Well hello you BEAUTIFUL belt sander....:)

This took about 2 minutes to take it down SMOOTH...holy crap...I spent 2 hours trying to chisel
the thing off...I LOVE my belt sander...:)

So once all the prepping was FINALLY done, I could finally get to the fun part.
I mixed up my CeCe Caldwells paint into a gorgeous Sea Glass color.
and started making her BEAUTIFUL!
I waxed her and buffed her to an old world finish.

I am so happy that ladies husband didn't want this baby..Because I could see what she
was gonna look like way back when she looked like a beast.

I love the shabby-ness of the dresser with the coolness of the color.
It was like they had been waiting for each other.
(are you humming beauty and the beast yet...)??????  :)

Here she all her glory...
I have to say, I put her in my booth; but it took every fiber of my being NOT
to keep her. I was working my brain overtime trying to figure out
WHERE I could put her...but it was not to be.
Hopefully she will find her spot to shine in another home.

I want to thank you all again for you kind words, thoughts and prayers over the last couple
weeks. You guys are just BEAUTIFUL and you make me love what I get to do.
I am blessed to have you all following along..So THANK YOU!!
Go out and have a BEAUTIFUL day!!

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