Thursday, August 7, 2014

Simple and Sweet Desk Makeover

Welcome back my BEAUTIES!
Sorry I have been MIA, but with the fire and
summer and our anniversary (on August 7th is our 21st wedding anniversary)
Things have been what you might call NUCKING FUTZ..:)
add to that the fact that we were in the middle of painting our house..
well you can imagine.
So I am hitting replay on this little old post that I almost forgot about.
I was scrolling through some old pics and had totally forgot about this
simple little makeover.
We had to get a new computer after the Power surge incident so that is the other reason
for this post. I will be without a computer for a couple days while
we transfer the old to the new.
So I wanted to thank you for sticking with me through this crazy summer.

I hope you enjoy this replay.

Today's post is gonna be simple and sweet...(just like me..:)  hee hee)
As School started we were launched instantly into what is the
crazy fall sports and beginning school year schedule. Between 3 kids in Soccer and one in Cross Country our weekends and weeknights are pretty tight. So I have not had a lot of time to work on posts.
I was able to snap a couple pictures of this desk I recently did so as my kids are brushing their teeth,
and climbing into bed I thought I would quick show you the makeover..

This was the desk before. It was in good condition besides that the top was pretty scratched up and
just kind of outdated so I knew it wouldn't need much prep work. It was missing a knob so I knew those would need to be replaced.

I didn't have a ton of time to sand the top of the desk so I went with one of my favorite standbys for giving a top a stained look with paint. I just used CeCe Caldwells Virginia Chestnut. I put 2 coats of it on in different directions and waxed it and buffed it up to a really nice shine.
For the base I custom mixed some other natural and clay based paints I had on hand. It gave it a nice gray/blue tint. When it was finished drying again I waxed and buffed it.
I need to replace all of the handles since the one was missing so I just recycled some simple black ones off of some free cupboard doors I had received from a friend.. 

And there you have it....a Simple and Sweet little desk makeover.
I hope you all have a wonderful start to your week. 

Have a BEAUTIFUL Monday!
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