Friday, August 15, 2014

Peacock blue and silver Vintage glamour Goodwill Desk Makeover

Replaying this Oldie but goodie 
while we finish up all our outdoor projects here at the
Art is Beauty House.
Good Morning My BEAUTIES! 
I am really excited about this project!
It was a spur of the moment..(cram it in before all the Holiday festivities...cause YA KNOW..I didn't have a million other things to do...:)) Kind of thing!

The hubby and I had traveled across town to go to a Christmas Party and pretty much anywhere
there is a Goodwill within a five mile radius My inner thrift alarm goes off. Well we were leaving the party and much to my chagrin, I informed the hubby that there was a Goodwill nearby..
Let me tell you he was ECSTATIC!! (are you catching the sarcasm) but being the loving husband
he is..he brought me anyway.
This Beauty was sitting there waiting for me....(more sarcasm) It was beat up..had labels stuck to it and was in need of some major TLC...

and that is what she got. The kids got asked by Grandma to help make some Christmas cookies
and I knew this was my time to work. I grabbed this new PEACOCK color by American Paint Company! I couldn't wait! I lightly sanded the whole thing,(since there had been lots of pieces of tape stuck to it) coated the top with a custom mix of CeCe Caldwells slate and some other colors and started painting the base with the Peacock!

After painting and waxing, loving how the bits of the darker blue were popping through to accent
I decided she needed a little more....shall we say...VAVAVA VOOOM ness...
So I pulled out one of my stencils and some silver paint and got to work.

I love the glamour that the small bit of stencil added to this plain desk.

I also used 3 different knobs to add a nice eclectic vintage feel to it.

I still can't believe when I look at it that it was the same  desk.

It was also another one that I was tempted to keep, but luckily for the hubby,
I had an open space that I needed to fill at the booth, so there she went.
Waiting patiently for someone to bring her home and give her, her CLOSE UP!
I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover and I hope
you are all enjoying the season. Before you know it
will be over and we will be wondering how we got it all done!
So Relax and Enjoy!
Until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

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