Thursday, January 30, 2014

Outdated to ASIAN inspired Vanity Makeover

Well Hello again my BEAUTIES! 
What a week it has been here...(I always seem to say that) 
We are hopefully done with Blizzard/polar vortex/windchill/snow days here..:)
We have now had over our allotted 6 days so I don't know what the rest of the winter holds..but hopefully...No more snow days....
It has been so cold that you can't even work in the garage with a furnace...Well, at least the one I have. Luckily for me a few weeks ago, I knocked out some projects and took a bunch of pictures 
and have been saving the makeovers for when I actually get a chance to sit down and
write about them...You know...LIKE SNOWDAYS...:)

This fun makeover sat for a LONG time in my garage..I had gotten it at goodwill and it was part wood....part particle board construction. You can see the mirror that came with it in the far right corner.  It sat because I had NO IDEA what I wanted to do to her.

But as always, things kind of fall into what they are meant to be..
I have been saving this material that I got at Goodwill for a while too.
I had not found the right project for it, so it sat in my STASH.
I was cleaning some stuff out of my work room and found it.
I thought..that old vanity sitting in the garage could have an ASIAN feel.

So I took the seat of and recovered it with my fabric. Taking off the old gross dirty cream material.
I had just got a quart of CeCe Caldwells Pink Lady Slipper
and I thought the Black and Pink would go well together.
I gave it a couple of coats and waited to wax and distress.

Once she was dry I decided she needed a little more PUNCH, So I used a scrap piece of material 
and blew it up on my printer then transferred the image with some carbon paper onto
my vanity. I then used my KRINK markers to draw on my lady.

I waited till the next day to wax and buff.

I just loved how the waxing and  buffing brought out the variations.
I even had this fun little leaf knob that I had gotten at an estate sale. 
I thought it added to the feel of the piece.

Here is a closeup of my pretty little lady holding her tea.

I hope you enjoyed this makeover and I am so happy to say
that this piece is already SOLD...
which always causes a happy dance with me,
since sales have been slow because businesses have
had to close for the weather just as much as the schools.
Now Hopefully we are on our way to warmer sunnier weather..
(who am I kidding..we have more weather advisories already in affect for
tomorrow...but I can dream right...)  :)
Until next time.
Have a WARM and SUNNY
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