Monday, March 3, 2014

Vintage Bakery Sign made from an Old Drawer front.

Good day my Beauties! 
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.
Busy as usual in the Art is Beauty home, but I wouldn't 
have it any other way. 
The weather is still FRIGHTFUL here so the small 
projects have been keeping me busy.


 One of those said projects was this old drawer front. It was off of this dresser I had worked on a while back.
which, as I was typing this up I realized I had never shown the makeover...heh heh..
Yeah, remind me to get to can see the top drawer piece is missing.
when I had rescued this dresser I built in a shelf and replaced the old drawer with a basket...but I still saved the old drawer front....for just such an occasion...

I took the old drawer front and after filling the old holes where the knobs had been, started painting 
with a vintage white.

After the paint was dry I used my silhouette to cut out
a vinyl stencil to make out the word..

I laid out the stencil and placed it on the board.

I used black craft paint to paint on the letters...
after it was all dry I pulled off the vinyl stencil to reveal my letters.
I then distressed waxed and buffed the whole thing.

                                     And now I have a fun vintage looking Bakery sign from some junk in the

Now before you guys leave I have a favor to ask of all of you...
Favor Time my BEAUTIES...
For what we know we all spend on a cup of Starbucks or Coffee house coffee we could help this family.

A friend of mine was so desperately trying to raise money to grant Alyssa's wish... (a simple teenage spa day) unfortunately Alyssa could no longer hold on and didn't get her wish.....Instead now she is trying to raise money to help the family with the heartbreaking details of her funeral...If you could please find it in your heart to help....I would and I am sure MANY would be ever so grateful!! I can't even imagine and my heart is breaking...

If you guys could find it in your heart to help...I would find you even more BEAUTIFUL than you know I already do! 

Go out and make someones life BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
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