Thursday, May 15, 2014

Vintage Cosco rolling cart turned MOD Cocktail Cart

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Good Morning my BEAUTIES!
I have such a fun makeover for you guys today.
Can you even believe these are the same pieces?
I had a riot with this piece.

How do you think I reacted when I saw this cart sitting in your thrift store for only $6
and then finding out it was 50% off.
If you guessed that I ran towards it and even before knowing what the price was threw it on TOP of my cart (which it wouldn't fit in) with a big ole grin on my face..
You would be right...
I mean....isn't she just BEAUTIFUL????
Now I know what you 
are thinking...."that hunk of junk?"
but I had passed one up before and have been kicking myself  EVER since!
 When I saw this one I was ecstatic.
This rusty old scratched up vintage rolling COSCO cart
was going to be RETRO again!
I seriously was so excited to get started on this that I drove
right from the  thrift store to the grocery store,
just so I could buy a can of spray paint...
There is nothing worse than realizing you only had HALF a can of the color you
wanted and you know its gonna take a whole can to cover that mess.
All I needed to take the cart apart was a socket wrench and twisted it of.
After the trays were off I lightly sanded them all making sure to get the rusty spots down really well.
I then gave a couple good coats of spray paint and waited for them to dry while 
I decided what I was gonna do to it once it was together.
It was at this moment that I decided to go MOD with it. 
My sister is really into the MOD movement and so I am constantly 
on the search with her for this kind of stuff.
I had this stencil laying about and knew it would go well with the MOD theme.
I used my KRINK permanent paint pen to paint on my stars.
The paint pen is great because its permanent and I don't have to seal it once I am done and
worry about it coming off.

Now here is a secret I am gonna let you in on.
This comes all the way from art class many many many years ago.
I decided I wanted to free hand a martini glass and in order to make sure I didn't mess up with the permanent pen I used a white pencil eraser to draw it on first.
This way I could wipe it off easily with a damp cloth and not have to worry about making mistakes.
I used my Krink marker again and drew on my martini glass and wrote the word
COCKTAILS across it.

 I am thrilled with how it turned out.
All it took was a little spray paint and some fun 
and it went from drab to fab.
I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover
Until next time..
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL!