Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Rescued wood turned Michigan "FALL" scrabble tiles.

 While I run around like a chicken with its head off 
getting ready for the Randolph Street Market
I thought I would replay a FALL
craft I did last year!
I hope you enjoy!

Good Morning my Beauties!
Well guess what?
It has been feeling like FALL lately here
(which means I have been freezing my tookus off)
That being did motivate me to create some Autumn Decor,
including decorating my mantle.

 While we were camping the summer (oh how I already miss summer :))
My Father in Law pulled a box of these wood squares out to burn in the campfire.
Now you all know me by now...
I looked at him and said...
"woa, woa, woa,......whatdayathinkyourdooingtherebuddy?"  :)
To which he replied.".Just getting ready to burn some kindling to start the fire."
I looked at him and said.."hang on"
I went next door to my camper and grabbed a bunch of kindling...and said..
"HERE....I am trading you"! 
He knew.....I couldn't let these perfect little square pieces of wood be burned.
He accepted my offer and I brought the wood home....
where it my garage....
My hubby was thrilled.......NOT!
He said.."what are going to do with those?"
I said..."Make scrabble tiles"
To which his reply came in the form of a NON VERBAL 
response that can only be heard by wives...
It was the sound of his eyes ROLLING into the back of his head with 
the classic "YEAH RIGHT" look on his face.  :)
 Well I took it as a challenge....I didn't know when I was going to make them.
But now I HAD to.
So one night while the hubby was teaching at the college
I stained up some of the squares to look like scrabble tiles.

Then I pulled out my Silhouette cutting machine 
and created scrabble letters out of vinyl
and for the "A" I used a state of Michigan graphic that I have 
used on other Projects. 
You can see those HERE.
Now this is the part where it almost turned into a FAIL...instead of FALL craft.
I laid out my vinyl on my squares...
as usual things were not going smoothly.
I got all the vinyl transferred to my wood blocks but they were
 not sticking for NOTHIN...
I thought...I will use some poly to spray over top of them...
Well, I didn't use the normal poly spray I normally do.
This stuff must have had some other alcohol or acetate chemical in it.
Where I sprayed over the letters it started to basically MELT..
Well, instead of scrapping them right away...I thought
I will wait this out...
I am glad I did.
I let it dry and where I had laid my vinyl there was a perfect impression
of my letters. a nice little raised edge.
So when it was all dry; I pulled off the vinyl and used 
a permanent paint pen to color the spots that were not covered in poly.
 I actually like how they turned out BETTER.
I don't have to worry about the letters peeling up.
and it fits in perfect with my Fall Mantle.
 So like I try to remember...
Be patient...sometimes just like Bob Ross says..
They are happy little accidents.

I hope you enjoyed this little fun Autumn craft.

Until next time.
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL.