Wednesday, November 5, 2014

How to Make a RIBBON Christmas Tree

 Good Morning my Beauties!
I wasn't planning on doing any CHRISTMAS crafts this EARLY
Not even KIDDING.
I went and clicked a pin 
which led me to my old Ribbon Tree Post
to which I saw the words...
I went in to check my posts and
wouldn't you believe it.
My post was GONE...
I have no idea is this is when I was hacked last year and
LOCKED out for weeks or what???
So I am now taking this opportunity AGAIN;
To show you how to make RIBBON TREES for Christmas.
They even have my old Watermarks on them.

This is what you start with.
I had some old driftwood (you could use Scrap wood, or pallets or what ever you have laying around)
I took some Shiskabob skewers out of my cupboard and grabbed a roll of ribbon that I had
picked up at goodwill.
 I simply drilled a small hole in my wood and dropped some glue in the hole to help stabilize the post.
But DON'T do the GLUE yet!!!!
You need to be able to keep the skewer out for a bit while using your ribbon.
Believe me I tried it both ways...much easier to work with the ribbon 
without it glued into the base yet.

 I gathered my ribbon and laid it out like a folded flat Christmas tree.
This is the easiest way I have found to work this out.
You have to decided how full you want your tree to be and you can
gather that by how long your skewer is and how many folds you want in your tree.
 Once I had it to where I wanted it I used the pointy end of the skewer to poke through the 
ribbon. I like to use the ribbon with the wire along the edges so that it makes it easier to 
hold the shape.
 Once you are happy with the overall shape you can NOW GLUE your post in.
let it sit and when the glue is dry you can start working the ribbon into how you want it.
 As a finishing touch I just cut out some stars out of scrapbooking 
paper and glued them onto the skewers.

and there you have it!
Some cute little ribbon Christmas trees.
There are so many variations
you can use on this the
ideas are endless.
I can't wait to see what you come up with.
Until Next time.
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!
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