Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Old Coffee Table turned Upholstered Bench

Running around like a chicken with its head off, so I am hitting replay on this old post!

Hello again my Beauties!
I have another fun makeover for you today.
I have had this coffee table sitting in my garage for 2 years...
Shhhh don't tell my hubby I admitted it.
He gets a bit perturbed when projects sit and I don't do anything to them for a while. 
This one had confounded me. You see, coffee tables are not HUGE sellers around here,
let alone, long 70s fake laminate top coffee tables.
Now I know I could have simply painted it and tried to sell it as a coffee table,
but I knew it had a better purpose.
I just had to figure out what it was.

Well;  INSPIRATION always seems to hit me when I have about 10 other projects going on
and this project was no different.
I was working on another (5) projects when I had a face palm moment.
(actually I was moving my craft stash and found my batting and thought DUH...
Lets make it a bench!
So I unscrewed the top of the table from the base and got to work.

Once I had the top off, I grabbed my fabric batting, cut it to size and started 
stapling it to the board.
Once I had my batting stapled with it curving around the edges to make it soft all the way around 
I got to upholstering my fun fabric that I had picked out.

For those that ask "HOW", I say its like wrapping a present.
I pull the one side and staple it down, making sure to keep it in line;
then do the opposite side pulling it taunt as I staple it.
Then you go to the others.
When you get to the corners you carefully fold it in being careful not to bunch
and lay it nice and flat then staple it. 
After I was done with that I went on to painting the base.
I chose a nice neutral gray to go with the fabric.
I think you will agree...
It looks much better as a Bench than it did as that dirty old coffee table.

I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover!
Until next time...
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL.


Marie-Interior Frugalista said...

Lovely job Karin, swooning over the fabric!