Friday, November 6, 2015

Free ROADSIDE RESCUE Desk Makeover

Hello again, my BEAUTIES!
I have an interesting makeover for you today.
Now You may remember me posting on my INSTAGRAM acct.
when I was driving to Costco and saw this baby on the side of the road.
I did the old RUBBER NECK "what is that...??? is that a piece of furniture I could redo" 
Dealo in my truck.
I quickly turned my truck around and drove into the driveway to pick her up.

 I am not going to lie when I say "SHE WAS A BEAST"
This baby was wood and most likely had been hand made by someone.
She wasn't the prettiest thing but once I had made up my mind to pick her up I knew I had to give her a chance.
 First things first....
I couldn't figure out WHY in the picture above this one why the top had taken the paint so oddly.
Once I started investigating I figured out it was because the top had been formica.
That was a no-go for the makeover so I got to getting that stuff off.
That required my heat gun, a scraper and time.
Whomever built this used some super-deee-duper... indestructible glue.
 Once I got all the formica off, you could see what it had done to the top.
Again, it wasn't pretty.
Now I know this piece isn't some antique stunning beauty that could easily be transformed with a little paint.
Most people that saw this piece wondered why I had pulled it out of the trash.
But you know what, I HATE to see stuff go in the landfill that can still serve a purpose;
and this desk still had a life and a purpose left to fill.
So I put on my thinking cap to figure out a NO COST To me way to transform this piece while still making it functional.

I wandered around the garage and out to the shed to see what I could use to fix this top.
I stumbled upon a piece of paneling that I had saved from the tear down of my ART STUDIO MAKEOVER.
I grabbed it, laid it on the top and cut it to fit.
I nailed it down when it was done, but I still needed something to finish the edge.

 I had this decorative molding that I had used on other makeovers and decided to wrap that around the edge to give it more detail.

Here you can see my clever trick for nailing trim up when you don't have a second set of hands to hold on your trim piece. I used my staple gun to staple it in place and then nailed it in. When it was all nailed in I pulled out the staples with pliers.

Once everything was in place I grabbed my Americana Decor Chalky finish paints and painted the the piece.
I used RELIC and VINTAGE and did a little combo and wet blending on the top to give it even more character.

While that was drying I just spray painted the old hardware that was originally on there with some silver paint.

It was a ton of work, but I am so happy to have saved her from the landfill.

 I brought her to my booth and I am happy to say she is now in someone's home,
enjoying a second chance.

So just remember this piece, next time you see that beat up, beastly piece of furniture; 
think about giving it a second chance and keeping it out of the landfill.

I hope you enjoyed this makeover,
and until next time,
Go make someones day