Tuesday, January 19, 2016

EASY DIY Recycled Wine Barrel Stave Coffee Mug Holder

 Welcome back here my Beauties.
I have been working hard to get back into the blogging routine since the kids have 
gone back to school after Christmas Break,
but the routine seems to be avoiding me. :)
I have been working like crazy completing projects and even PHOTOGRAPHING them,
its just the process of editing and writing that is holding me up.
SO this isn't a fancy schmancy post, just a fun project for me that I completed over Christmas
and quick snapped a couple pictures of.
No crazy photo shoot or anything,
just something manageable that I knew I would be able to get a post up on. :)

Let's get on to the DIY now shall we?
As you may or may not know we are homebrewers.
My hubby has been brewing for almost 20 years.
Its become quite the family affair and even his brother has been brewing for a while.
I mention his brother because this is where we got our Wine Barrel staves from.
His brother had brewed and used an old wine barrel and when the barrel was done with brewing use,
he had decided to make it into a coffee table. Well, he only needed 1/2 a barrel for that and he 
ever so kindly gave me his left over scraps.
Now when you cut a barrel in half it falls apart. (I had pre warned his brother when making his coffee table he would need to screw the metal rings into each stave before he cut in half, so no worries...his half stayed together) 
So I was left with all the stave pieces.
I knew I wanted to do something for my kitchen but deciding was the hard part.

 I finally decided on a coffee mug holder because
A.....I LOVE coffee and
B....I LOVE wine...
so this seemed the perfect marriage.
I started by sanding the top and the back of the stave.
(the inside of a barrel is charred to help age wine and bourbon..etc...
but it doesn't smell to great when you have fermented fruit smell hanging on your wall)
So after sanding the fronts and the backs I sealed both sides with poly...
One, for the shine on the front, and Two to keep the old smell away.
 After both sides were dry, I just picked up my Cup Hooks
 and decided how I wanted my placement.
I made sure to leave enough room to be able to fit the mugs on the hook without hitting each other.
 I drilled a small pilot hole where I would just then thread my hooks in.

 Here you can see the hooks all lined up ready for me to put the wall hanging hook on the back
 Now she hangs in my kitchen with my pretty white coffee mugs ready to be filled with hot coffee and cocoa for the long winter.
This was one of the easiest DIY projects I have done in a while.
In fact it took me longer to type this up and edit the pictures than it did to create my 
Wine Stave Coffee Mug holder.
But I love it as much as my bigger projects.
I hope you enjoyed it 
as much as I am enjoying having it.
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I am never a fan of contests and they make me nervous
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So  if you do vote for me..Thank you very much.

Until next time,
Go make someones day Beautiful!