Friday, February 10, 2017

Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeover using the power of Paint!

budget kitchen makeover using power of paint pittsburgh paint diy makeover
Welcome back my Beauties!
I am finally ready to show you my kitchen makeover!

Now if you have been following me for a while you know I paint my house A LOT! 
I mean, I do it in stages but I love how easy it is to change the whole feel of a room with paint!
My kitchen has been made over probably at least 6 times since we have lived here the last 18 years.
The last makeover was when I painted my cabinets.

Click here Kitchen Makeover to see it.
You can see my walls were yellow.
While I loved the warm of the yellow in our almost sunless winters here in Michigan, I decided I wanted to brighten up the kitchen with a lighter color. 

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So I decided to give the kitchen a budget makeover with some paint!
For that I chose Pittsburgh Paints & Stains® Paramount™. 


Here you can see my hubby and the dog helping me prep the walls and take down all the decor. 
You can truly see here in the dark January winters how yellow the room looks when there is no outside light coming in.

Here it is all trimmed out getting ready to roll on the paint!

pittsburgh paint paramount ghost writer kitchen paint primer in one makeover

Now as I said above, I have PAINTED my house A LOT!
and I wouldn't be telling you about this paint if I didn't love it. 
I know it's weird for a person to get excited about paint,
but I do.
I have always loved paint...since as long as I can remember.
So when I find a great paint I don't mind telling you. 
I would recommend Pittsburgh Paints and Stains©  Paramount™ to anyone!
Paramount offers a paint and primer in one, which saved me a ton of time and still provided a beautiful finish with vibrant coverage.
The color I used was Ghost Writer MEN7135-3
This paint is available exclusively at MENARDS® stores.
after paint with pittsburgh paint paramount in ghost writer gray blue fixer upper style eclectic boho
Look how much brighter my kitchen looks already!

kitchen corner booth made from ikea benches boho style eclectic bohemian travle diy makeover kitchen booth

I changed up the corner that always had the china cabinet in it,
and I will be coming back with a post about that later.
painted kitchen makeover pittsburgh paints paramount ghost writer blue gray diy makeover before and after eclectic kitchen boho chic home decor
I love how it brightened up my kitchen and I really love how it looks with my Dark gray cabinets.
I should mention that while I change a lot of things in the house some things are hard to let go of.
You see those signs above the cupboards.
Those were one of my very FIRST blogging posts.
You can see them HERE.
So while I change a lot of things, I also keep things that have sentimental value! :)
Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeover using the power of Paint pittsburgh paramount boho bohemian diy blogger eclectic kitchen
There you have it.
My Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeover using the power of Paint!
The whole family is loving the brighter and lighter feel of the kitchen.
That is why I love paint so much. A color can change your whole attitude! 
Thank you to Pittsburgh Paints & Stains® for providing the paint for my post!
Until next time,
Go Make someone's day BEAUTIFUL!