Thursday, December 29, 2011

Best of 2011 Paintings and Projects

Well Hello again my BEAUTIFUL'S. I hope that you all had a wonderful and BEAUTIFUL Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year. As for me, I can't wait for what is in store. This past year has been EVENTFUL...:) While I was looking back at the past year for this post, I was excited, yet scared. Some pics reminded me of good things and some of bad things, but the amazing thing is that even those bad memories, have turned into good things. Its that age ole..."everything happens for a reason" saying. Honestly I have to say that this year has ranked right up there with one of my best years. Even when at the beginning it was shaping up to be the worst. But life is funny that way and I am happy to say that I came through stronger and happier than before.

So without further ado ..... Here are some of my favorite paintings!!

Here you can see my painting where it hangs in my den with my old made over coffee table...(one of the benefits of being a D.I.Y'er is the constant exchanging of your own furniture..)

This Allium painting was done for a friend. She asked me for a specific painting and last year
I would have said no, but with the strength I had gained this year I said yes,
and I am so happy that I did. The best part
was when she said...."I have been looking for this painting for 10 years"
Love ya, Barb..:)

Then came the Blog, and from there and these two little pieces of furniture, did I realize, that I could put the two things together. I can't believe how much Joy I have gotten from painting on furniture. Not just REDOing the furniture, but getting to put MY paintings on them.

The rest of these are just some of the Highlights of the fun furniture that I have gotten to do and enjoy.

This is me pricing things for my booth (which was another wonderful thing that happened this year) in the notorious GARAGE that the hubby is constantly making me clean....:)

Now I know a good blogger would put links up to all of these projects, but guess what..I am not a good blogger..:) I have had so much fun and have met so many wonderful people and made so many friends that I don't need to worry about traffic to this or that. Just you guys being here is enough for me. So with that....I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day and A BEAUTIFUL year to come.
I love you all!!! Karin
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Ange said...

Oh I love the allium painting, so beautiful! I also love that you combine your love of painting and furniture together to make some lovely pieces. Thank you for linking up to my party and Happy New Year!

Content Director - Strong Female Leaders said...

Such beautiful pictures. That coffee table is genius.

vsutton said...

Such talent!

Rebecca Scott (aka Otter) said...

I love that Cacao table!!! man, I want to make one now. So many cute projects. I'm sure I'll be even more impressed in the year to come too. :)

Kim @ Too Much Time said...

That birdie bench reminds me of a sign I made. But I like your much more!I would love for you to link up at my party today!

cathysmith07 said...

What an art! This was really great, looking forward to see more good post from you. Thanks!

Carrie said...

What a fun walk down memory lane! And, a photo of YOU to boot, love it. Thanks for linking up to Making Lemonade, and may 2012 be full of wonderful things for you, your blog, and your ART!

Erin of said...

I always enjoy your work and am glad you did a 2011 recap. Thanks for sharing!