Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Mantle Makeover

I am FINALLY ready for my Mantle Reveal!! It took me forever.
If you all remember I never had a fireplace in my living room before, SOOOO therefore I never had a mantle to decorate. Well ever since I got this awesome fireplace that I bought from Goodwill, and refinished and installed in my living room  (you can see that HERE) I have been having fun decorating it for the seasons. Now that I didn't have a theme; just spring, it was a little  bit more difficult. But I finally did it...Take a look..

I took and old window that I had and sprayed the back of it with KRYLON's LOOKING GLASS
spray paint, and made it look like a vintage mirror.

Then I took the leftover old curtain that I had used to make a wreath (you can see that HERE)
And made a custom "bonjour" bunting.

I am very happy with how it turned out. Below you will see a few of the details that I had to work with.

This is me making the bunting, by cutting out triangles of the curtain and using my KRINK markers to write the letters on. (don't forget the giveaway is open until March 24, You can see that entry HERE)

 Then I had gotten these iron wall plaques from Goodwill but I didn't want the dark color,

So I sprayed them with more looking glass paint to give them a mirror finish.

Here were the tulips I was going to have on my mantle reveal, but I took so long, they died...:)  I am slow, what can I say.

I hope you enjoyed this little random peak inside of what it took to get my mantle ready for SPRING, and as always, I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day.
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