Monday, July 23, 2012

Lithuanian and Polish hand made "KITCHEN" signs

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So as most of you know...I have been working on redoing my kitchen...LIKE FOREVER....
well actually right before school got I am not doing THAT bad....Really.

Well of course when you redo a room you want to redo your stuff too.. So I wanted some new signs up on my bulk head..and being the lover of genealogy that I am..(I already have FRENCH stuff everywhere) I thought I would give a little Homage to my Lithuanian side (my Dad was 100 % hence my awesome personality....if you know any will totally get this..:))
and a little Homage to my Hubby's side which of course is 100% Polish.
So I grabbed to same size old boards out of my Junk pile..(treasure pile......:)) and slapped some
CeCe Caldwells Slate colored paint on them.

when that was dry I drew out the words Kuchnia and Virtuve...which are Polish and Lithuanian for

I then undercoated with a little yellow paint just for fun...and then over with white so when distressed a little would show through.

They go perfect up on my bulk head of my Virtuve....I love them!!
I swear...some day I will even show you the Kuchnia all done!!

Till then, have a BEAUTIFUL DAY..
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Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

So happy to come across a fellow Lithuanian! My dad's side was Lithuanian and they were also there in Michigan back in the day. We moved to Florida from Grand Rapids when I was a couple of years old. Love your signs and that you incorporated the two versions of Kitchen. They do look very cool! Glad to see how you did it. I'm your newest follower. Hope you'll stop over to Quirky Vistas sometime and follow too, if you like.

Restore and Renew said...

Love this idea so much I thought I would do it for my kitchen. My heritage is German 'Kuche' Husband's is Cree 'piminawasowikamik'. Think I will pass. Haha
Donna G formerly "Reno and Reorganization"