Monday, July 23, 2012

Lithuanian and Polish hand made "KITCHEN" signs

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So as most of you know...I have been working on redoing my kitchen...LIKE FOREVER....
well actually right before school got I am not doing THAT bad....Really.

Well of course when you redo a room you want to redo your stuff too.. So I wanted some new signs up on my bulk head..and being the lover of genealogy that I am..(I already have FRENCH stuff everywhere) I thought I would give a little Homage to my Lithuanian side (my Dad was 100 % hence my awesome personality....if you know any will totally get this..:))
and a little Homage to my Hubby's side which of course is 100% Polish.
So I grabbed to same size old boards out of my Junk pile..(treasure pile......:)) and slapped some
CeCe Caldwells Slate colored paint on them.

when that was dry I drew out the words Kuchnia and Virtuve...which are Polish and Lithuanian for

I then undercoated with a little yellow paint just for fun...and then over with white so when distressed a little would show through.

They go perfect up on my bulk head of my Virtuve....I love them!!
I swear...some day I will even show you the Kuchnia all done!!

Till then, have a BEAUTIFUL DAY..
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