Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekend Wrap up October 20

"All my Days"

Happy Weekend my BEAUTIES! I hope you are finding yourself having a good one so far.
I am sitting having a cup of coffee and the kids are still all asleep. This is Saturday morning BLISS...:)
For those that were busy this week I like to kind of do a wrap up on the weekends when I can...
(its been a while..:))
In the first picture you can see the oil painting I worked on and finished this week.
You can see the whole post of the progression of work HERE

One of the other things I did was create this fun sign out of an old free cupboard door.
I used a stencil from Maison De Stencils and I am having a giveaway ending in a couple days.
You can head on over and enter that until October 24 HERE

The big furniture piece was my Jack Daniels "old no 7 brand"
Table and chair set.

You can see the progression of that HERE

Its been a busy week and I love it...I am looking forward to more busy weeks to come and I have a garage full of furniture that needs to be recreated to PROVE it..:)

I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL weekend!

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Good Time Charlie said...

You get so much done! I want that painting, I am so in love. Are you selling it?? For real!!!

Unknown said...

Karin, thanx for doing a weekend wrap up because somehow I missed your Jack Daniels table (most likely buried in the 200 other emails I haven't gotten to yet). Anyway, it's very cool! I love that everything you come up with is your own clever creation. I'm sure it will sell before you blink an eye!

Shannon Fox said...

Yay. I saw all these this week. I was paying attention. Is this a test? DO I get a prize?

hehe ;)