Thursday, December 26, 2013

The best of 2012 Furniture, Paintings and Crafts

Good Morning my Beauties!~
It sure has been a busy year hasn't it?
I can't believe everything that has happened in the last year.
Its funny when you look back and I think I did some of these projects a couple 
years ago and realize they were just a few months ago..where
others seem like they were just yesterday.
This past year has had many ups and downs..but I am happy to say 
More UPs than Downs..:)
So lets get started. One of my shining moments was this little beauty up above.
She was a rescue project done for Fenner Nature Center.
You can see the full post of her Before and after HERE

Another out of no where project that I had fun doing and trying to remember when it was hot and sunny (its snowing here now) is this old Entertainment Center turned
into my potting shed. Full post to see the transformation can be seen HERE

One of my most enjoyable, freeing, exciting projects that was JUST FOR ME
was this oil painting...I called it all my "all my days" it was inspired after a beautiful run through the
trails of Lake Michigan. You can see the evolution of the painting HERE

 This one was a project that was hard to let go. Another Rescue project that I was a
free dresser that I transformed with some paint and some Krink Paint pens.
You can see the full transformation HERE
Some more fun with some HOME MADE chalk paint. When you don't have the money to pay for all those expensive paints there are ways around it...and here is the key...the recipe for HOMEMADE CHALK PAINT here

One of our Downs this year was something we experienced a lot this year...We lost too many good people and one of them was our 46 year old cousin. This painting was dedicated to her.
Its titled "no thanks, I think I'll walk" after years of being in a wheelchair..this was her time to walk...You can see the full emotional story HERE

My fun little yellow warbler painting can be seen HERE

Another rescue was this French Franc bar stool..taken literally out of a dumpster
and turned so chic...You can see that transformation HERE

 How about bringing this 70's table back to the future by updating it with some fabulous paint and distressing and making it fit right back into can see the transformation of this lovely little table HERE
and Last but not of my biggest projects this year...was my Kitchen Makeover...What a doozy!!!! You can see that full Transformation HERE

I gotta say..when you look back on life...its kinda fun to do it this way...looking back...I am having a hard time remembering the hard times...but find it very easy to remember the good. I have been so blessed to be able to do so many things that I love with so much support from those that I love and love me back. I count all of YOU among those people. Because without you I would just be working...but you make it FEEL like Playing!! So THANK YOU, and have a BEAUTIFUL New Year!!!!!   Much Love and hugs............Karin

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