Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Quick and Easy Fabric wall art

 Good Morning my Beauties!
Ever have one of those project are working on cleaning out your craft room and you  find some stuff and then all of the sudden it becomes...
"screw cleaning the craft/crap room...I have REAL work to do."  :)

Last week I was sorting some stuff and I found this big embroidery hoop...I have had it for months
 waiting....and waiting...and waiting.....
Know what else I had?  Vintage fabric...its been sitting for 2 years....YUP...
I had a ....."You got your chocolate in my peanut butter moment".
I thought...Heck I will use the two and make a simple little fabric art.

Well I liked that it looked vintage, but it was missing something...and all of the
sudden..bam!! Hey...I have that cool stencil...
I grabbed some acrylic paint and painted it on...

Voila! A cute vintage little fabric wall art...
all because I was suppose to be cleaning...
Really...its not my brain will find any means
necessary NOT to clean...:)

I hope you enjoyed it and hoping you can find yourself a quick fun little project.
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!
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