Monday, February 17, 2014

Oui Oui, Rescued Dresser turned FRENCH-Tastic!

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Good Day my Beauties!
Its Monday again! 
I will get on to the project in a minute, but first I thought I would share a little about our weekend.
I have to much as I have been complaining about our Michigan Winter
we finally had a sunny weekend, and like the rest of our Great Lake friends
when the sun comes out...we head to the beach! :)
It was amazing...(you know this when your 9 year old boy even stands in awe and say..
holy cow..this is BEAUTIFUL) :)

This my friends is just one of the hundreds of frozen WAVES on Lake Michigan at
Holland State Park. We took the kids and hiked out onto the lake. 
It was amazing...In all my years living here (over 40) I have never 
seen the lake look like this.
I have been out there when there were frozen waves, but normally the water is still moving before it and hitting the frozen waves of ice and as it sprays into the air it would turn into ice and pelt you...

But to be able to walk literally miles onto Lake Michigan was AWESOME!
Normally this wold be liquid lake water...we don't even normally swim out this far because
the boats and watercraft are usually zooming around out here...
It felt like we were on the Moon...

 Naturally formed Ice sculptures every where you looked...the shards of ice would smash up and poke through and then freeze into place...It really was spectacular.
You can see  even more pictures HERE
Since this post is suppose to be about a makeover I thought I shouldn't hog it with too many 
pictures of the frozen lake...but just in case you want to see the kind of winter we have been having....nows your chance...
I am so happy to  finally got some Beauty out of our long cold winter.
But for now....ON WITH THE SHOW....

This was a dresser a rescued a long time ago...I believe it was over a year...Its been so long I honestly can't remember..Its been sitting in my garage..waiting for me to be inspired.

You can see the veneer was all damaged and the thing was pretty beat up...but it was SOLID..
I debated a long time what to do with it....and finally last week I decided it was TIME..

I mixed up a custom blue green paint. I still had no idea what I was doing at this point...
I really liked the blue paint that was going on, but I didn't want it to just be a rectangular dresser.
It needed some VAVAVA VOOM!

thats when I decided I would then go over the drawers with a coat of a custom green 
paint that I mixed up. I figured with the amount of damage this dresser had...the more paint layers..the better. 
I was already loving the combination of the blue and the green. 
I just needed to wax it and buff it before I decided my next move...

Which was this gorgeous FRENCH GRAPHIC 
from The Graphics Fairy.
I had Loren over at More than words Vinyl
make me up this stencil a while back and had been saving it for just the right project.
(we will be doing a GIVEAWAY for a credit to her shop so stay tuned for that)
She does amazing work and the fact that she custom did this exact one for me...
just made it all the better. It was a match made in heaven for this dresser.
I just used some cream paint and stenciled on my French Graphic.
I put my fun new white ceramic knobs on and,
Once that was done I stained and poly'd the top and we were good to go.


What a difference a little sweat and paint makes.
I started photographing it and by the time I was done, 
I knew I couldn't part with it.
(My hubby told me he knew the night before..I wouldn't be able to let it go)
My blankets were already moved into the drawers before I even finished photographing it.
I have to say...I LOVE MY JOB..LOL!
I hope you enjoyed my little Lake Pictures...and
this makeover.
Until next time.
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!~