Friday, February 14, 2014

Rescued Table top turned "Lake Michigan" sign.

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Good Morning My BEAUTIES! 
Guess what..??? My kids are on MID WINTER BREAK!
YUP...they finally got back to school after all the Christmas Break time and Snow Days
and now they have a 6 day break.........
SOOO I again...have no idea...WHAT DAY IT IS!
I normally post on Thursday..but all day Thursday I kept thinking it was Friday..
then My brain turned on for a second and I realized....Tomorrow is Friday..
So here is your post. I worked on this the other night..photographed it and forgot...LOL!

Since as I have mentioned oh so lovingly before, Our weather has been the PITS here...sub zero temps and no sun...So I of course am dreaming of the beach and our Beautiful Lake Michigan.
I decided to make some signs. 
I grabbed this from my scrap pile. It was the top to an old table that was just beat to heck.
The legs did not fair well...seeing as one was missing so I popped the top off and saved it till
I needed it....LIKE NOW...:)

I grabbed some of my CeCe Caldwells Coral and painted it. (I even had the blow dryer next to it to help it dry...I am quite impatient..:))

Once the paint was dry I waxed and buffed it. 
Then I went to my silhouette and cut out my vinyl stencil.
I just used regular blue craft acrylic paint to 
paint it on.
While that was drying I decided to make a window too..

For this one I painted the frame with American Paint companys Peacock
and instead of a stencil I just cut out my vinyl in the same graphic and laid it on the glass.
Once the paint was dry, I pulled off my stencil and
distressed it lightly and it was good to go.

I love the colors...(they cheer up the gray grumpy girl a bit)
I hope it puts a little brightness in your day too.
Until next time.
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!