Wednesday, February 24, 2016

French Easter Art using "Americana Decor CHALKY finish" paint

Hitting Replay today and showing you
how you can make some fun French Easter Art!

I got to try out the NEW AMERICANA Decor Chalky Finish paint and was
itching to try it out.
I was wracking my brain on what I wanted to use it on when I remembered a bunch 
of craft boards a friend had me rescue from her garage. 
Once I saw it the first thing I thought of was EGG...and with EGG I thought EASTER...
so I got to work.
I grabbed my Americana Decor paint and mixed up a little custom paint.
I wanted a slight pink..not to I didn't mix all the way.
I wanted it to look blended on the board.. I used the colors Camel and Lace.
I loved that it was PINK but not TOO pink.

When the paint was dry I used Americanas French script stencil for my background.
I used my stencil brush and the LACE chalky finish paint to stencil on my script.
I was in love already and was loving how the paint was working all together.
This is where it gets even more fun. I used my Silhouette to
cut out a BUNNY shape (you could also use carbon paper and a bunny picture and simply
transfer on and paint a bunny) 
I used Americanas Chalky finish "NEW LIFE" to stencil on the bunny
and the french words "JOYEUSES PAQUES" which in french means
I thought it went perfect with the french script stencil.
to finish it off, I paired it with my little ceramic Bunny Family that my 
Momma passed on down to me...
I loved looking at them every Easter on the mantle (even thought the big one wearing the guitar was one I found thrifting so it matched my 4 kids) 
and now my kids get to grow up seeing it on my mantle....THAT IS...if they or I don't break it..
But I figure if it made it through me and my 14 siblings....
IT SHOULD in theory...make it here!
I hope you enjoyed the fun EASTER craft..(I can't believe for once I actually have a season up early)
and until next time...
Make someones day BEAUTIFUL!