Sunday, August 23, 2015

Beat up ANTIQUE Music Cabinet turned Hand Painted HAPPY HOPPY Homebrew Bar

Happy Hoppy Homebrew Cabinet Hand painted hop artwork vintage music cabinet
Sometimes a reader reminds me about an old post.
This time a wonderful reader reminded me of this
Homebrew Bar I made.
I love looking back at the pieces I did and
this for sure was a favorite of mine!

Good Morning My BEAUTIES!
I told you I would be back this week with a MAKEOVER.
This my friends was the reason I couldn't get a post up on Monday.
I have been working on this project for the last couple days.
I have been Jone-sing to put some ARTWORK
on a piece for a while now, Like some of my Older pieces 
that you can see HERE, HERE, or HERE, just to show a few.

BUT,  I just hadn't found the right piece to put it on....UNTIL
I found this gorgeous piece...:)
I happened upon it at a half off estate sale on my way home from
the grocery store.

 I perused through the spider web and dust ridden basement not finding anything.. and as I
walked into the old laundry room I saw the details of the doors..and gasped..(mostly from all the 
dust I was choking on...:)
There it was HIDDEN in a back laundry room.
So covered in years of dust and forgotten-ness that I had assumed it must not have been 
for sale, or
 I had thought it would be out of my price range, seeing as these types of pieces around here
usually are. Even in the state of it I thought they might be asking too much...
 To my happy surprise the price was only $15...
The reason being as it was missing a back first of all
and the top looking as it did.
Plus since the workers were ELDERLY, I had to carry this beast upstairs by myself.
(Lord have Mercy, that I didn't drop this down the stairs on to someone or kill myself getting it up
but I am a determined woman...and I was determined to get it home.)
But I didn't care..I was in love.
NOW mind you I am guessing it was a sheet music storage cabinet.
You can see where it had multiple shelves at one time. Now gone, and the house was filled with
old record players. So that is how I came to that conclusion.

 Now for the missing back....I had rescued this old bookcase from someones trash a few months ago.
I kept MEANING to put a back on it and paint it...
But now this piece needed a back...and this piece could still be used to save another piece of furniture's lively hood... :)
 I dismantled the shelf and started cutting. 
(I love power tools...:))
 Once I got the back on I could start 
the fun of painting.
 I decided to use spray paint on the inside since it was quick
and I wanted to get started on the OUTSIDE.
 I again grabbed a power tool; my belt sander, and sanded 
down the top smooth.
Than took care of the I LOVE YOU heart and arrow carved in the top 
and the missing part of veneer.
 I wanted a multiple layer look so I started with American Paint companys
Peacock, and a top layer of Nanas cupboard
 After all that I got to have some FREE HAND FUN!
I drew a circle and a single hop cone and leaf.
We have been HOME BREWERS for over 16 years and had just come
home from a Home Brew competition where the hubby's beer took home a SILVER.
So needless to say I was inspired by BEER! :)
 I started painting over the next couple days.
 Here it is before the distressing.
I knew that my circle wouldn't have to be perfect with the distressing
so I tried not to stress to much about that.
and Here is the AFTER.
This was such a fun piece to do
and again, it will be another that
I will have a hard time letting go of.
Happy Hoppy Homebrew Cabinet Hand painted hop artwork vintage music cabinet
When it was finished I could see my Hubby's brain spinning
trying to figure out where we could put this piece.
But I told him I would just make him a sign with this
on it, since it takes up less space..:)
 Here are some dried HOP cones from the hubby's Hop harvest last year,
Along with a very old MUSKEGON BREWING bottle that my 
father in law found for us.
I realize that this post was picture heavy and
I thank you for hanging with me. :)
That is if you made it this far............
I hope you enjoyed this furniture makeover
as much as I enjoyed painting it.
Hopefully this piece will be making some other
home brewers home a Happy Hoppy Home.
Until next time;
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL