Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Quick Kitchen Backsplash Makeover using Smart Tiles.

Good Morning my Beauties!
I have a fun but NOT SO PERFECT post for you today.
Now its not the project that isn't perfect;
its my photos.
When I started this project I didn't know I was going to post about it,
but I was so excited I figured you guys could handle my iphone photos 
just to see the transformation.

As I have been showing in my Facebook page which you can Follow HERE,
you may or may not know I have been working on Making over 
my sisters condo.
This is what we started with.
Some very out of date wallpaper.
Not my sisters style at all.
We stripped all the wallpaper and she got to painting thew walls.
Once the paper was stripped we were trying to decide what we were going to do for the back splash.

In a moment of Serendipity we both at different times stumbled upon
this product called SMART TILES.
I had never seen or heard of them and neither had my sister until 
we started looking for an easy back splash solution.

I sanded and cleaned the back splash and got to work.
One of the great part of these tiles is they fit together much like a puzzle
and you only need a utility knife to cut them.

Now I told you the pictures are not the best (my niece shot this one with her iphone while I was installing)
The whole back splash took me just under 2 hours.
You can see here how I quickly made my way across the back of the wall.

and here is the finished product.
My sister and brother in law love it and
we got many compliments through out the day of mad people who had spent WAY to much on real tile when they could have had the look of tile without the Cost.
The great thing for you guys is I will be able to show you a better DIY of this product.
I loved it so much I am going to use it myself.
So stay tuned for another, better quality picture and detailed write up 
of this product.
I am so excited to start.
I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover.
Even if the pictures are kind of cruddy, I hope you can see what a change this made.
Until next time, go make someones day Beautiful!