Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fairy tale Rescued Table and Chairs Makeover

Re Sharing one of my Favorite Makeovers for
Throwback Thursday today! :)

Good Morning my Beauties!  I have a doozie of a makeover for you
today. Let me tell you when I say FAIRY TALE, I mean as in wicked step sisters and humpty dumpty.

I didn't know if I was gonna be able to work my fairy Godmother magic on this one or not.
I honestly had thoughts of smashing it to bits and throwing her in the burn pile...I mean..ME of all people...almost didn't WANT to deal with this.. :)
You see a few months ago you may remember my uncle called me and said his Brother in Law was clearing out his basement and was going to pitch some furniture that needed some work (he had always intended on refinishing them) I of course said yes and we drove out and picked up this Federal style buffet and behind it you can see the table and chair set.
Well I had to got to work on the buffet right away and fell in love with it and couldn't part with her so she is now part of my basement..:)  You can see the whole Makeover HERE
 But the table and chairs...oh they sat...I knew they were gonna take a lot of work and
I needed time. First things first;  It had originally
 been a 6 chair set. Much like HUMPTY DUMPTY (see I told you fairy tales) I had to put them back together again.
She ended up being a 4 chair set, because I need parts from 2 of the chairs to fix 4 of the chairs.
They were in very very rough shape. So I put them together and stored them away in my garage, until I found the amount of energy it would take to Put into this makeover.

The table was in better shape than the chairs but she had also been rebuilt. I had to fix one leg and the top had tons of damage. So the first thing I did was sand the top down to get a smooth finish on the top.

The chairs..those are what I called the wicked step sisters...they MOCKED me...You can't paint us...:)

So while I worked out the chair mocking in my head..:) I got to painting the table. I did a mix of Virginia chestnut and vintage slate from Cece caldwells on the top. On the base I used Omaha Ochre.

with that coated, it was time for the chairs...This here is where I had to BELT SAND..(yes belt sand; not regular sand; the name NICK out of the chair..) You thought you bested me NICK; whomever you are, but you were NO MATCH for my belt sander...I got that smooth and some other spots; and got to painting the sisters.

While all of it was drying and getting waxed and buffed, it was time to change the worn tattered rags on the seats to something Befitting of Cinderella.....

and HERE she is...Much better don't you think..I have been hording the fabric since I got the table.
I knew it was the perfect choice for it. I just needed to find the resolve to do it.

I am not gonna lie..I am glad its done, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE how it turned out..
I will never again DOUBT that something can be refurnished (until the next rescue) :)

Now all I have to do is load her up and bring her to the booth and hopefully instead of sitting rotting in a landfill she will find her forever home, with a family that will love her..:)
Have a Beautiful day!
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