Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Super Easy "HELLO" Spring Pallet Art

 Welcome back my Beauties!
Spring is right around the corner (even though we have snow in our forecast for later this week).
I am in a Spring Decor Mode so I thought I would show you one of the SIMPLEST ways to make some fun spring pallet art.
First of all, grab some pallets. 
(If you don't have pallets you can always buy boards from the home store,
but you all know how much I love to rescue free stuff)
Lay out your pieces how you want them and then screw some brackets in the back
I just used my cordless black and decker drill to screw in my supports.

Once that is done, flip it over and give it a light wash of paint.
I chose a fresh light blue.
When its dry I lightly sanded the whole thing to give it a distressed finish.

Here is where the super duper easy part comes in.
See that little wood cut out "hello".
Its from the dollar spot at Target.
It was $3
I was looking at it and literally said to myself
 "HELLO, this is awesome!"

 I threw that sucker in my cart and brought it home.
I grabbed my Ryobi Airstrike Nailer 
and popped a couple nails in it and it was good to go.
(if you don't have a nailer you could easily use some heavy duty glue or even use a regular hammer and nails)
Once secured to the pallet I gave the "hello" a quick little dry brushing to give it a little more interest and my "HELLO" spring pallet was ready for my mantle.

 I have to tell you, this was probably the EASIEST project I have ever done. It literally took me about
10 minutes not counting dry time.
I just love it on my mantle with my Easter bunny bunting from the same dollar spot at Target.
 I hope you enjoyed this latest little repurposing project and I hope SPRING is on its way to where you live.
Until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!