Monday, November 7, 2016

DIY Vintage Driftwood Shiplap Copper Christmas Signs.

wood joy and noel cut out words diy craft target

Welcome back my Beauties!
Its beginning to feel a lot like CHRISTMAS!!
Just kidding...its not..
and most likely this will be the ONLY Christmas decor post I do.
Plus I usually don't do them before Thanksgiving just on a personal principle but I will be gone for 2 weeks in Florida
closing down my moms house there, so we can sell it now that she is gone.
I figure I am not going to feel Real Christmasy when I get back 
from there and I will be getting home only a few days before Thanksgiving.
Being gone that long will also mean that I have to play MASSIVE catch up back home once I get back.
So that means I will be in Furniture painting BEAST MODE for the store. 
So there is you reasoning for my EARLY Christmas post.
(also if you could say a little prayer or send some good vibes my way, I am VERY VERY nervous and sad about closing down my moms house. If you have been following me all these years you know how many memories we have with my momma down there.
This will be the very first time I step on her porch and not have her there to hug me. It will also be the last time we see the place as it will be up for sale and will all take place while we are back home.)

Now that I got that off my brain, lets move on to the project. 
joy noel vintage driftwood shiplap diy craft christmas sign
You can see me here measuring how much room I would need for each word before I cut the boards. I used my AIRSTRIKE to nail the two ship lap pieces together.
Way back this summer, we were at our friends property on Lake Michigan. As is our usual we walk the beach looking for driftwood.
The kids run ahead and see if they can find any good pieces for MOM.  Well this year we found a bunch of sea grass rolled up in balls on the shore and in between them washed up were a bunch of broken pieces of vintage shiplap! Somehow they had floated ashore on the beach and I was glad to do a little beach cleanup and take the driftwood shiplap home with me.
When the kids asked me what I was going to do with it,
I casually said..."Oh, I will probably end up using them for Christmas signs" .

makita mitre saw vintage driftwood shiplap diy christmas signs joy noel coppe

Fast forward 4 months later and I am shopping at Target in the dollar spot and they have these cute little cut out wood "JOY" and "NOEL" signs for just a few bucks. 
My brain went into create mode and said.."SHIPLAP"
I got home grabbed my shiplap and got out my Mitre Saw
and cut them into the size I needed to fit the words.
devine color valspar radiant metals copper spray paint christmas signs joy noel vintage shiplad driftwood craft diy
Then I grabbed my copper spray paint and sprayed both of the words with it.
While those were drying I dry brushed my driftwood pieces so that the copper wording would pop.

ryobi airstrike brad nailer valspar spray paint diy christmas shiplap signs copper craft

Once everything was dry I used my Ryobi Airstrike nailer to attach them to the driftwood.
vintage driftwood shiplap copper joy christmas sign diy karin chudy artisbeauty craft airstrike
I love how the copper is so warm against the worn whitewashed ship lap.

Driftwood shiplap vintage copper noel christmas sign glitter sparkle home decor diy crafts
I had made these to sell, but I am kinda in LOVE with them,
and I am thinking I either need to make a few more or just keep it. 

noel and joy vintage driftwood shiplap christmas signs diy artisbeauty copper spray paint makeover airstrike nailer
 Here they are sitting on my mantle. 
Which honestly might be as decorated as it gets this Christmas.

driftwood vintage shiplap copper christmas joy noel signs handmade artsibeauty karin chudy spray paint dry brush
I hope you enjoyed this fun little Christmas Craft.
Hopefully, things go well in Florida.

Until next time, 
Go make someones day BEAUTIFUL.