Monday, July 25, 2011

DIY Recycled Thrifted Fabric Corduroy Rosette wreath tutorial

I keep seeing all these neat burlap wreaths popping up all over blogland,
and I wanted to make one, but ....I didn't have any burlap.
What I DID have was that bolt of fabric that I have used over and over again.
(best 6.99 I ever spent) :)
So I ran down to the dollar store and got a straw wreath,
cut my strips of fabric and covered the wreath,
and started making rosette's...:)

Here is the simplest way I can show you how to make them.
Fold the fabric strip (about 12 inches long 2 inches wide)
in half. Glue the end together and start wrapping in a twisting motion.

Like this...drop a little bit of hot glue here and there to keep the rosette together...
(or to keep your fingers stuck together and burning of the skin, whatever you choose..:)

Man, I thought I swore a lot under my breath trying to sew something....
burning my knuckles with hot glue took that to a whole new level...
I told my husband that I think the C.I.A. could use this as some
sort of way to get information out of people...
It HURTS.....:)

But..Beauty is pain....:)
and look how BEAUTIFUL it turned out...
I love it...
I hope you do to.

Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!

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