Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Humpty Dumpty ROADSIDE RESCUE Desk and Chair

Good morning my Beauties. If you can remember
this little number.   I got it as a Roadside Rescue.

This is what it looked like in the beginning.           AFTER I
found all the pieces and started putting it
back together.

 I only had to fight off a couple of Raccoons that night while the hubby
and I went through all the stuff on the curb in the dark.
We actually had to dig and find each piece to each drawer.
Like I said...Had to fight a few raccoons.

So the next day in the light I started re piecing the desk back together again...(hence HUMPTY DUMPTY)

You can see...It was quite a bit of work, but oh so worth it.

See this chair...got that too...it goes with the desk..It was SCARY!!!

Here it is..all back together...and getting sanded before the paint.

 I got this great Blue Oops paint. It was $2.....So far...I have only spent 2 bucks and lots of sweat...:)

When it was painted I finished the top with a deep dark stain and then recovered the chair in a great
French fabric.

One of the other things I had to do..soak the handles in Ammonia and scrub and sand them
back to their original look.

Here it is...All finished... WHEW!!
That was a JOB,
but guess what...Before I could even post this...IT SOLD...
So excited!!

I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!
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