Friday, January 25, 2013

FARM FRESH Dining Table and Chairs Makeover

Good Morning my Beauties!
Let me tell you...this project was a doozie!
I always...always forget when I do a dining table and 4 chairs, how much more work it is than
doing other large pieces.

But hopefully you will agree, that it was WORTH it!

You see I have once again I had this sitting in my garage for about.......OH 6 months..
I just didn't know what I wanted to do with it.
So there it sat.....and sat.....and sat...

Till one day I could take no more...

I started stripping the disgusting fabric off the seats...I am not exaggerating when I say DISGUSTING either....
It only had about 1 billion lucky day..LOL!!

I honestly really had no idea what I wanted to do yet..I just knew I didn't want to do the brown top or stained top like the last few dining sets that I had done before.
I wanted a vintage feel so I started painting the top white and the
legs and chairs with CeCe Caldwells Traverse City Cherry..If you haven't noticed..
Its one of my faves!!

But then what...I remember a while back I had seen this GORGEOUS dining table on Pinterest
It was a chore tracking down who originally did this but I just wanted to make sure
they got the credit for the original idea.

Now I didn't want to copy exactly so I made up a stencil with my Silhouette that
read "farm fresh" and put it at each end of the table
after I added my stripes.

while all that was drying I recovered the chairs with this gorgeous fabric I had been saving..I got the end of a bolt at Hobby Lobby...I was so excited that they had enough..

Once it was all dry I distressed the heck out of it to give it that vintage feel and then waxed and used the satin finish to protect the top..
And that my Beauties is all she wrote! I am now looking forward to painting some smaller pieces..
and moving this up to my booth...So I can sell it...:) 
I hope you enjoyed this long...long...project..well at least for me it was..
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!
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