Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas "God Jul" "SANTA" Vintage Pallet Art

Simple and easy Diy Christmas decor! GOD JUL santa pallet art
Good Morning My BEAUTIES!
I don't know about you guys, but its starting to FEEL like
Christmas around here. NO I still have not decorated, BUT..its snowing here..
and its FREEZING..So it did put me in the mood to do a little Christmas CRAFTING!
If you remember I did a Makeover on my Living room this Fall.
You can see that full Post HERE
So newly painted walls and decor, means..I needed something that matched my living room
for Christmas decor.

 This is when I decided I would make a simple vintage Christmas Pallet art.
I grabbed some pallet boards and attached the back together by screwing a board across the three on the back.
I then used some of my favorite blue spray paint I had laying around.
I let the paint dry while I found the image I wanted.

NOW could I have been any luckier that Karen over at THE GRAPHICS FAIRY,
had JUST put up this vintage image. It was the perfect match for my living room.
I simply printed it off and when the paint was dry on the pallets I glued it down and lightly distressed the edges of the paper with sand paper.
 After the glue was dry, I used one of my favorite things. SPRAY Modge Podge.
You can see from this picture me using it on a Halloween piece I did.
Its no mess. Just spray it brushes to clean or anything.

and when you are done, you have this vintage looking Pallet art.
The perfect match for my living room.