Monday, December 9, 2013

Dumpster Dive Roadside Rescue Coffee Bistro Set Makeover

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Good Monday Morning my Beauties!
I am so excited to bring you this latest project.
It was a labor of love and once again showing how you can take things that were headed for the DUMP and save them and make them BEAUTIFUL.

If you remember a couple weeks ago, hubby and I decided to go for an afternoon walk. Well as we were walking the snow was blowing in our faces and the wind was whipping and I was grumbling..."who's dumb Idea was this anyway"  :)) and hubby asked if I wanted to turn around.
I said no..we are halfway through now..we might as well finish. Well it was meant to be because as we rounded the corner of our road we saw our neighbor loading up a dumpster and from the corner I could see four legs sticking up....I looked at my husband and because he knows me so well, he said..."i will go ask if I can grab it" ..:)  The neighbor had no problem letting him have it...and we triumphantly carried her home...and then I had to work out a plan of what I was going to do with her. First things first of all the brackets that were under the top of the table we all wonky so I had to totally undo and rescrew them in right and then she waited.

You see, I have had this dumpster dive chair for over a year..waiting for a partner. I even had to fix one of the leg supports on it to make it supported.

Then finally; I found this chair....NOW.....NOW I could get started making a bistro set.

So as the snow was just starting to fly...and my fingers freezing, I  belt sanded the top of the table down to get rid of the oil type staining (all while the Canadian Geese were laughing at me watching me sand in the snow)

Then I could bring her back in the garage and get to the fun part. I stained and finished the top and
had to decide on paint.

I chose CeCe Caldwells Slate color. It went perfect with the Goodwill bolt of fabric I had picked up last year.
I painted the base of the table and the chairs, then when dry waxed and buffed them and recovered the seats.

I was in love with the table, but I wanted it to have a POP..You know I can't leave things plain. It goes against my nature and the worn wood was just calling for a Vintage Graphic.
A couple months ago I had made some cupboard art with this graphic from the GRAPHICS FAIRY.
vintage coffee sign on cupboard door

 I used my silhouette to cut it out but it took FOREVER!!!! and then I found Loren from MORE THAN WORDS VINYL on ETSY.
She makes these gorgeous stencils and sells them in her Etsy Shop.
(and she just created a sale just for my BEAUTIES!!   Use the code below for
ARTISBEAUTYBLOG for 20% off!I am in love. I can use it over and over again.
It is such great quality, and I am thrilled with it. 

I used some pale blue acrylic paint to paint on my stencil that matched the little accents in the fabric. I love how the blue graphic brought the whole thing together.

the slate gray on the chairs.

and the pale blues and grays and yellows in the goodwill fabric.

I know I am going to have a very difficult time letting this go.
BUT I have no where to put it. (luckily for hubby) :)

Can you believe..that this went to THIS!
Once again proof not to judge a book by its cover.
Until next time,
Have a BEAUTIFUL day!
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