Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Beautiful French Pallet Art

Reposting since we are on spring break!
This is a fun easy project that you can do to make
some new decor for your home.

 Good Morning My BEAUTIES! 
I am sooooo Jonesing for spring I can hardly stand it anymore...
I have so many pieces of FURNITURE I want to paint..but as usual this Michigan winter has been 
Relentless; and even with my furnace in the garage I would not be able to get a good 
dry time for the furniture. So Instead, I have been working on some smaller pieces..
Well one day last week I decided I wanted to work on making some signs for my booth.

Well Working on signs, meant I had to trek on out to the shed, for my wood pile.
YEAH...THIS is what I looked like when I came back in...Some spots were waist high....
But I was determined to get some work done..(oh I forgot to mention..I needed one more extra piece and had to go back in it again about 5 minutes later...:)) LUCKY ME...:) 

Once I had come in and Changed my pants...:)  I started arranging my wood pallet boards. (I had to quick take them outside to the miter saw to get them equal lengths) I used 2 firing stips to attach the boards all together.

Once that was done, I started with a light wash of paint. I had some leftover custom paint from another project and used up just a tiny bit to give it this old worn finish that would be perfect.
Now you remember I just did a dresser that I fell so in love with that I ended up keeping for myself HERE...and I loved the graphic so much that I decided it would be perfect for some pallet art.
So I grabbed my MORE THAN WORDS stencil made from a GRAPHICS FAIRY graphic.
I started laying down my paint and couldn't be happier with the chic yet rustic way it turned out.
When all the paint was dry, I waxed and buffed the whole thing. I tell you what; If I hadn't kept the dresser...I WOULD have KEPT this sign!! I don't know what it is about the colors and the graphic that just pull me in EVERY TIME!
And since I love you guys so much, I am giving you a chance to win a $50 credit to "MORE THAN WORDS" etsy shop. It ends on Tuesday so be sure to hurry over and Enter.
Well my Beauties...I hope you enjoyed this latest little project.
And go on to have a BEAUTIFUL week. 
We are suppose to be in the single digits again as a high....(BANGING HEAD ON WALL)
So I might be making LOTS AND LOTS more signs...
Until next time..
Have a BEAUTIFUL day....
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