Friday, October 2, 2015

Vintage MINT Roadside Rescue Table and Chairs Makeover

 Welcome back my Beauties!
I am so excited to show you my latest makeover.
I have been so busy here with family stuff, that I actually did this a few weeks ago and am just NOW getting around to show you.
Thank you so much for your patience.
A couple weeks ago..(pre my momma in the hospital)
we were on the way to my Moms house when I did one of those...
Free furniture on the side of the road on a side street heading to my moms.
I quickly yelled to my husband in a panic that we needed to quick turn..
He in his usual annoying way took his time and drove 2 streets past and THEN turned around.
I know in his head he was thinking..."dear God..not more furniture in my beloved garage"..
then "well at least its FREE and she won't be spending money" :)
That's why it took 2 streets to go back.
He was having an internal struggle LOL.
Well after his struggle he finally got us there.
I don't even know if he looked at the state of the furniture.
He just willingly helped me load it into the truck. 
We got it loaded and then continued on to my Moms.

Once we were done at my moms we came home and unloaded it in the garage.
It was pretty rough.
It had the tell tale signs of animals chewing on it.
I had dealt with this before as you may remember from my 

MILK and CREAM table Makeover which you can see HERE
I simply used wood filler and sanded the heck out of it until it was smooth.
Then I could get on to painting.
For the top I chose a custom gray paint that I mixed up.
I simply used different variations to give it a blended look.
 For the base and chairs I knew I wanted to make them POP.
Now I will admit to being a JADEITE junky. I love it..
and this MINT color paint  by Cari Cucksey of Chroma Color  RePurposed Paint was to me the perfect Jadeite color.

 I painted two thin coats on the chairs and base and used a soft cloth to buff it when it was dry and the table looked like a VINTAGE DREAM.
 Is it NOT The perfect vintage MINT color.

Its so hard to believe its the same set.
You would never believe this had once been sitting by the trash on the side of the road.
I hope you enjoyed this latest makeover and that it inspired you to 
bring something old and worn out back to life.
Until next time.
Have a BEAUTIFUL day..


Doug's Garage Shop Crafts said...

Love the table and chairs, how did you achieve the look on the table top, thanks for sharing.