Wednesday, November 11, 2015

vintage Kitchen wall art. Roadside rescue cupboard doors, chalk paint and freezer paper

Need to quick dress up your house before Company comes for the HOLIDAY's?
Here is a quick and easy way!

I thought I would RESHOW you how to 
Repurpose some old cupboard doors 
with some paint and freezer paper to
make your own Kitchen ART.

Well its been so bright and sunny here in Michigan that I have been able to work outside again. One of the projects that I have been able to work on is my "FREE CUPBOARD DOORS" project. :)

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I scored a bunch of Free old cupboard doors off of C.L. and I had no idea what I was gonna do with all of them. So I took 5 of them and thought...I will just prep them and take it from there.

So I took off the hinges and handles filled the nail holes and then got out a couple different colors of my home made chalk paint. So I had blue and green and yellow cupboards drying in my driveway. 

While I was waiting for them to dry I thought...These would be some great instant art with my freezer
Paper transfer. (you can see that HERE)
So I went on over to THE GRAPHICS FAIRY, and started printing of some of my faves and mixing and matching some that I liked.

when they were done, to keep the reuse effort going, I used some pop tabs as hangers. 

Here you can see all the different INSTANT ART I made for next to nothing.

I love the FRENCH SEWING ones

and I really love the instant kitchen art.  I hope you are inspired to
try and do some freezer paper transfers too..:)

I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL DAY.
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