Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kitchen Cupboard and Kitchen Reveal.......FINALLY!!!!!!

I hope you guys are ready for a DOOZIE  on this one...Our kitchen has always, and I say...
ALWAYS been under construction or redecorating. Since we have moved into this house back in 1998. We had a new baby..Our daughter who is NOW 14, and NO money.
So we did things bit, by bit, by bit.
ABOVE you see what it looks like now...but over the years, I have found a FEW pictures..
and when I say a few, thats what I mean because we finally figured out that our kitchen has been painted at least 10 times since 1998 and the cupboards have been updated with trim and painted 5 times...WHAT???? I don't have a problem. :)
Our house was built in the heyday of the 60's when; REALLY, there was no STYLE.

 If you can see from this picture when we moved it. We had tons of cupboard space yet...the kitchen had a window but .... as you can see..we were completely shut off from the rest of the house.

See the china cabinet...the first thing I did while hubby was at work was rip it out..to open up the room a little bit...I mean REALLY....look at all the cupboards and work space..yet the table was crammed in on the OH SO LOVELY brown carpet, to match the original brown linoleum in the kitchen.Here is my baby girl...
 sitting in front of the wall that now has a passage way into our living room...
Its funny cause my kids grew up used to construction always going on in this house. :)

 here we are  later putting in the hardwood floors.. that now go ALL the way into the kitchen.
 and here is  a picture of when for a few years I had red bottom cupboards and cream top cupboards..
I loved this look but then everyone started doing it, so I HAD TO CHANGE..If you look on pintrest there is a picture that has the exact same colors I had in my kitchen back in 2006-2008
then I went to cream and cream and we had gotten new counter tops and we put in the faux tin backsplash about 4 years ago...

So now it was time for a change again...I got out my new fave...Ce Ce Caldwell's "smokey mountain"
and started painting. I loved how fast I was able to get my kitchen cupboards painted...When they were dry I put on the Ce Ce Caldwell's Satin finish and they LOOK AWESOME....

well, if I am painting cupboards...then I have to paint walls...:) Out with the pumpkin orange...

and in with the creamy yellow..


add all of my either Goodwill finds or Home Made artwork....

and we are getting somewhere...

Here is a shot of the back splash we did..I love it...

My sunflower painting
and one of my very first blog posts..my half table

My kitchen signs up there on the bulk head..

my old French roadsigns made from cupboards..

and the finished dining room......GEEEE I wonder why it took me so long to get this post done....if you look closely you can see the pass through we put in.
GOSH I am tired...LOL!!!
I hope you enjoyed this little history of my kitchen...I am sure it will change again someday, but for now...I am enjoying it....DONE!!!
Have a BEAUTIFUL day.
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