Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Best of ART IS BEAUTY 2013. Art, Projects and Life

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Good day my BEAUTIES!! Its that time again! 
A time for a walk down memory lane. 
Its funny how you don't think you have really accomplished that much 
until you look back on the year and see all the things you have done,
where you have been, what you have celebrated and have that 
wonderful feeling of fulfillment knowing you are least TRYING 
to live your life to the fullest.
SO instead of me blathering on and getting sentimental of the past year,
I will just show you some of the highlights of the past year.

First of all this was a project that I did for me and had NO IDEA, the amount of
people that would see it. It was one of my most shared posts ever and was featured on many pages and websites. It blew me away. As is with life its those unexpected moments. You are plodding along just doing what you love to do and all the sudden you have a Popular Post happening.
You can see the "how to build a farmhouse table" by clicking HERE

The next project was one of my favorites! It was a beast when I got it, and I honestly had my moments where I thought I might not be able to TRANSFORM this one. But by putting my MIND and my BELT SANDER to it, I was able to turn it from a hideous broken and beaten dresser to this BEAUTY!
You can see the post with the Transformation of this CUSTOM SEA GLASS DRESSER Here.
Another of the more popular posts was this Dresser, I again got to work with my very talented niece who is also an Artist, to makeover this dresser for an Auction. (This dresser is really special for me, because it was the week before my nieces son died and so it will always stick out forever in my mind, of the time I had sitting and painting with her telling funny stories about Ethan. Little did we know a week later he would be gone.)
You can see the 
full makeover by clicking on the link.

One of the BEST EVER parts of the year for me, was our 20th anniversary trip to Ireland.
Never in a billion years did I ever believe that the job I love so much would allow me to take the hubby and I here for our anniversary. I still get emotional when I think of what memories we have.
Just like missing people you love, I miss this place..My heart physically hurts when I think about it.
It was so Beautiful and beyond my wildest dreams that I have now had to think of
new dreams to start dreaming about!! :)
You can see consolidated posts on our adventure by clicking the links.
Ireland part 1
Ireland part 2 
Ireland part 3

As I have said before, its funny how you are just going along, minding your own business and along comes a piece of furniture or an opportunity.
The day I got this buffet, I was offered a chance to be on our local TV station
to show the perks and ways of UPCyCLING...
I had to get to work on this makeover and quick, as it was going to be in the background of the segment I was doing.
Never in a million years did I think doing this job would bring me to being on Television..(even if it was really only 15 minutes of fame :))
Super Shabby Buffet makeover and 15 minutes of Fame!

Now, I loved this project because it was a challenge. I will admit, It took me longer to complete this than a dresser that had been beat up and broken. But it was because I was nervous about painting on Laminate and because I was putting my own original artwork on it and didn't know if other people would like it. It was another one of those "putting yourself out there" kind of  moments,
and no matter how many times you do it...its still Scary.
Laminate Furniture can be BEAUTIFUL too!

Now not scary, was totally glamming up this beat up boring cheap desk. It
was a last of the year project and I just wanted to have FUN!
I think you can tell..I had fun with this makeover!
Peacock Blue & Silver Vintage Glamour Desk Makeover

What better way to end a BEST OF post but with my best rescue yet!
We rescued a Beautiful Senior dog, named Smooches and you can see the post by clicking on the link below.
We are still so in love with her its not even funny.
If you had told me a the beginning of the year that we would have adopted a dog 
by the end of the year, I would have laughed in your face and told you no way.
Funny how life works huh? 
Don't forget to say YES in this life.
I am trying to say YES more in my life and I can
see looking back how much it changes your life.
Instead of  "NO" I can't fix that,
or "NO" I am too scared to go on TV
I decided "YES" I can!
I hope you guys start saying YES more TOO!
Until next time, I hope you 
all have the most BEAUTIFUL NEW YEARS!
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