Friday, September 28, 2012

ArtPrize 2012 Part 3

Here is some more Eye Candy for my BEAUTIES!
This was trip number 3 down to ArtPrize in Grand Rapids Michigan
for this year.

You can see Post number 1 HERE
and post number 2 HERE

So that you may get your fill of ART!! It was a gorgeous day on this 3rd trip.
Perfect for walking with my sister and getting lots of pictures.

I am not gonna waste your time with descriptions of the ART

I will just let you browse these posts and see what we are blessed with every \
end of September and beginning of October.

Art everywhere..even in my favorite shop. MINTY KEEN.
If you are ever in Grand Rapids I always tell my friends to stop here.
Such a fun.  Minty Keen is a eco-friendly retail shop and studio featuring handmade-in-MI gifts from local artists, mid-century modern and shabby chic furniture, and vintage clothing.
(sorry, had to do a little plug. I don't even sell my stuff there, I just LOVE this shop) :)

So that is all the art for today. I am hoping to get down there for
my regular birthday trip with my Mom (we share a birthday that just happens to be during ARTPRIZE) Happy Birthday to us! :)

I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day!!
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Good Morning my BEAUTIES! For those of you who follow me on Facebook,
You know that the past couple weeks have been pretty rough.
So on SUNDAY we decided to take a day off...from everything
and take the whole FAM DAMILY down to ARTPRIZE.
You can see my first trip down HERE
I am trying to show you as much Beautiful ART as I can.
For those of you who can't make it here.
The first pic is hubby and the kids walking along the river coming up on the horses in the river.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

ART and SOUL table

I hope you are all having a Beautiful week so far. Our week has been pretty rough (with Grandpa's funeral and loosing our neighbor too) but we are keeping our heads up and our hearts open.

I thought I would show you this table I did last week. I didn't even think about it when I did it, but as I posted yesterday ARTPRIZE started here
I thought it was only fitting to show you my ART and SOUL table.

I had gotten this..I am not even gonna be was NASTY, table at Goodwill for about $5.
The top was GROSS..I don't want to know what that gunk was on the top but it seemed to be a mixture between grease and gum. Whatever it was..I scrubbed the heck out of it and then sanded the top.

I got out my CeCe Caldwells paints...and painted the base in Georgia Clay and the top in Hershey Brown. I then applied the wax and while that was curing I went to my NEW silhouette machine.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The most wonderful time of the Year...(in Grand Rapids) ARTPRIZE 2012

For all of you that are not from or KNOW about the Grand Rapids area we are in our "most wonderful time of the year" phase.  ART PRIZE!.
This post is just meant to be a little EYE CANDY for those of you that can not make it.
Today was day 1.
I always love to go on day one because its not as crowded and you
get to meet many of the artists (or at least see them standing next to their work)
If you don't know what art prize is you can check out there website HERE

ArtPrize® began three years ago as an experiment—a totally new event, unlike anything the world had ever seen, filled with the experiments of artists and the opinions of everyone.
Radically open to anyone and equally simple to understand.
ArtPrize was created to be a very different kind of art competition. It would decentralize the traditional, top-down art contest in two ways.

Monday, September 17, 2012

French Vintage Travel Trunk

Good Monday Morning my Beauties. Guess what I worked on
this weekend?

I had gotten this old Foot Locker trunk at a garage sale this summer. It was in O.K. condition
but it had some bad spots on it.  So I decided to boost it up with a little paint.
I had mixed up a custom color that I was using on another piece and I had a little bit left over.
I perfect I will use it on this.
I did a light wash over the old blue part.

You can see it here. I loved how the darker blue came through making it have a little cooler texture.
I knew I didn't want to leave it plain. I wanted a graphic on it. So I used part of a graphic I have used before.
I went on over to the
and got the Maison graphic, but only used the address part of it.

I used my carbon paper to transfer it on and then my Krink Markers to fill it in.
When it was dry I distressed the letters and numbers.

I love the vintage feel that it added to this plain old trunk

I hope you have a BEAUTIFUL day.
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

A day at painting class!

Good Morning my Beauties! I bet you can guess how I spent my weekend.
My sister Cathy is an amazing artist and worked in many mediums, but
FINALLY this weekend she did a class for family teaching ACRYLICS.
I was so excited not only to get to take the class, but to be a student with my Mom and my Sister.

Cathy got us started with some practice strokes and then right on to painting our daisies.

I can't believe how patient she was with all of us..(especially considering we were family and could have totally treated us like; ....well.....FAMILY)  :)

We all had a fun time painting and laughing.

My favorite picture of the day....MY MOMMA! She was not as happy with her painting, but I was quite jealous. It turned out like a VAN GOGH! I told her to stop and leave it. It looked so cool just the way it was.

Here we all are proudly holding our Daisy Paintings.
It was a fun day with fun people Painting...
what more could you want?????
If you would like to check out my Sisters Web Page You can see that HERE
You can also see here Facebook Page HERE
You will be able to see all her BEAUTIFUL pieces.
I hope you  all have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!
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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bench made from old end table

Good Morning my Beauties!
I hope you are having a good week so far...I
don't know about you guys, but the days are flying by.
I have been able to get a few projects snuck in here and there..and this is one of them.

If you remember my 14 year old daughter did me a huge favor by scoring one of two tables
at a garage sale for me. I couldn't believe it when I got the call. She was all teenager like..
"hey Mom, I am at the garage sale and I know you like to buy old junk and fix it"
I just laughed...
"well anyway, I got you a table for $5 and a beat up one for $2"
I couldn't have been more proud!!
Then, "Now you need to come pick it up" and "I want my money back"

As for beat up..she was kinda right....The table top must have been really damaged so they just
stuck this piece of wood on top. I thought about sanding it and painting it.
But then I had a better Idea.

I went to hobby lobby and got some of that really dense batting they sell right by the roll in the
fabric department. 

I stapled it down and then covered it with one of my "at the moment, FAVORITE fabrics"

went outside and painted the base with a mix of Vermont slate and Dover white.

I then waxed and distressed it and reattached the seat to the base.

It turned out so cute. I tried to figure out a way to keep it in my house...but it didn't fit anywhere.
But the good news is...that before I could even post about it; it SOLD..
So happy day to me...LOL!

I hope you all have a BEAUTIFUL day!
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