Thursday, February 21, 2013

FREE armoire turned into outdoor Garden Potting Center

WHEW!!! What a doozie!! ITs done...almost..I just have to seal it with Exterior
spar urethane when its cured but other than that.....Its done!!! :)

This is what it looked like BEFORE....Our friend had moved and somehow his armoire had gotten
broken in the move.

You can see here the door was ripped off at one of the joints. I thought about fixing it
since the original plan was to put it in our bedroom...but with the broken door
I thought I had a BETTER idea..
You see I have been looking around Pinterest and been wanting
a potting shed forever and Pinterest wasn't helping curb
my appetite. So one night while the thing sat on my patio
I thought...BINGO...potting shed...

Now I know its Oak and its meant to be inside but I also know that I want it to weather and look old.

I just happened to LUCK out at Home Depot and scored a
$7 gallon of  Behr Primer and Paint ULTRA..
Its a $32 gallon and the color was perfect..
Someones OOPS paint was my PERFECT paint.

Well the Oops paint score further enticed the bug in my butt, or bee in my bonnet,
Whatever you want to call it. NOW I had to do it. It was such a BEAUTIFUL day
and its not suppose to rain for the next few days, so NO time like the
present....SOOO I painted the outside with the oops and the inside with a pale yellow paint that I
Had..You see...SO far I have spent only $7.....That's IT...

While the paint was drying I was thinking what I wanted to do to decorate and enhance my
new beloved potting center. Well I remembered I had just bought these cool little
rod iron brackets at Goodwill...So.......

I grabbed a scrap piece of wood, painted it with the oops paint and attached my brackets.

While that was drying I had found some more scrap deck boards that I had painted with the oops paint too...Those I just quickly painted on "herbs" and "flowers"

I started putting it all together...Loving it more and more.
I found an old shelf in my shed with hooks on it, just laying in my shed. I had gotten it
Free from my sister....Thanks Stacy..:)

 You see the cute little block shelf on the bottom...that used to be the DVD holder that was hanging from the top..I just flipped it over and hacked off some of the trim so that
it could lay flat.

I also had some slate tiles in my shed that I had also gotten for.....WAIT FOR IT........... FREE!!!.....:)

so TOTAL cost....11 bucks...HA!! I love it!!!
ITS BEAUTIFUL.....At least to me...I hope you think its a BEAUTY too...
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